Can an addict ever limit their gaming successfully?

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Can an addict ever limit their gaming successfully?
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Welcome Smileyone

Welcome Smileyone

Thanks for sharing your situation. Many other spouses who come here will relate to you and what has happened.

Everybody's gaming problem is different; but there are a core of people who cannot moderate gaming AND be happy. They are the true addicts. Perhaps your bf is one of them. Only he will know when he has tried to quit and cannot, without support.

Keep coming back here if you want to learn more about how you can deal with this. You cannot fix him but you can 'help' if you stop enabling him, and understand how he might be feeling or thinking and rationalising his addict actions, and about you "detaching with love".

He will only want to quit if he feels the bad consequences of his actions.

You are spot on when you say you do not want to have kids with an addict. If you feel neglected now it is very likely going to happen with the kids also.

To be honest, from what you say I think if you stay in the relationship, him changing is not likely to happen any time soon.

Keep coming back to get wisdom from the experiences on this forum. All the best!




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