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Clash of Kings
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Clash of Kings

Hi, I am the partner of someone who started playing Clash of Kings the beginning of September. From then, our life has quickly become nothing. The first week my partner started playing this game, he did not sleep. For many months he has been so addicted to this game that his actual real life has turned to ruins. It's like he is living in this game instead of real life. His personal hygiene is forgotten about where he won't brush his teeth for over a week, he forgets to eat so he is the skiniest he has ever been and he does absolutely nothing around the house. He has put us in extreme financial hardship with over $20,000 being spent on this game. He also has severe mood swings where if something goes wrong in the game it's like his whole life is ending and will then play for hours on end to fix whatever is wrong in the game to make himself feel better. Our relationship has dissolved to almost nothing. He has chosen his game over me for so long and still continues to do so. I have begged him to quit the game and told him I will leave if he doesn't quit but he won't quit. He says it's all he has. I'm just hoping for some comforting words so I know I'm not the only one going through this nightmare with this game. Any suggestions of help would be appreciated and I would really like to talk to anyone on here who is currently playing Clash of Kings. I'm sure most will of heard who my partner is in the game when I am comfortable with giving his game name.

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Hi Clash

Hi Clash


Advice for spouses is here

All these  games are all pretty much addicting. The OLGA forums are for addicts who are trying to quit so its not encouraged to talk about the game with them and unlikely anybody will  actively playing that game in particular right now, so I have moved your post to the spouses section.

We cannot control the gamer. He sounds like he has made his choice. You have to look after you now, in or out of the relationship. Also you can take control of the finances if you have to. Our members have had to do that at times.

Keep coming back to see how spouses have dealt with problems very similar to your own.


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