At a complete stup

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At a complete stup

My husband has always enjoyed gaming however over the past few months it really has become excessive, i am currently trying to beat my reliance on alcohol which stems from the frustration and loneliness that i constantly feel as well as very over whelmed with the daily responsibilities that i have to maintain as he is not interested.

He spends every free hour that he has gaming, i am understanding to an extent, however he has no time for me or the kids and would much rather spend his time gaming till early hours of the morning.

This last weekend i woke up at 2:45am to him shouting as he had got up couldnt sleep so goes straight to gaming online. that was a true wake up call for me as to the extent that he wants to game.

I am truely at a stup as to what to do or how to handle this as he does not believe that he has a problem, he constantly tells me i am the problem and that he games all the time because of me which is soul crushing.

Any advise would be great, he also is not open to counselling so i dont know how to handle this, as i am exhausted with fighting this on going battle that i dont seem to think i will ever win and i can not afford to go on my own.

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Welcome Mischief

Welcome Mischief

It sounds really hard on you; you have such a lot to cope with. If he is an addict then he has suffered brain damage which includes lack of empathy. This is contributing to the hurtful things he is saying. It sure sounds like addict behaviour. You are not alone.

I think it may help you to learn something about this addiction and what you can do to help make changes.

Please check out the advice for spouses linked in my signature below. Read and digest as much as you can especially the links to do with getting support, setting boundaries, detaching with love and stopping enabling. They may give you some ideas to make a start

The main thing is to get yourself some support. or other meetings, therapy ... Don't try to cope with this on your own

I would also recommend that you get legal advice about your rights if you should split up ( often the first appointment is free) If you know what your rights are you will be in a better negotiating position.


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