In denial

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In denial

WHY can’t I comprehend that video game addiction is a true addiction? For 2 years I’ve battled this addiction with my boyfriend. But according to him “at least I’m not out at a bar”. I would keep my mouth shut. Find other activities to do to ignore the addiction. Most recently, I tried to break up with him. He told me he’d get rid of the video games. We made it TWO DAYS. TWO FREAKING DAYS before he freaked out on me in an anger rage about how I never give up anything and why I didn’t plan anything for us to do, what I expected us to do at home in place of him playing video games. His rage was CRAZY. Screaming, yelling, calling me names, pounding the furniture with his fist, throwing my clothes at me, getting in my face and putting his finger in my face as well. I left and went back to my place. I came back a day later and the Xbox was already put back and hooked up. Most recently I went to the grocery store and cooked him dinner. Even served it to him, while he was playing video games. It sat there, getting cold. I even said “you’re dinner is getting cold”. His response was “after this game”. And I sat there and ate my dinner by myself. 

Im just so stupid for being in denial that he has a problem and won’t change 

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This addiction is baffling

This addiction is baffling and hard to comprehend, hard to accept..

Acceptance happens in its own time. i think your know he is addicted, but your unconscious process is still in denial and trying old ways of functioning. Maybe you have to wait for your tear tank to run dry.

Quitting is not easy for him. It's a given. Unfortuantely you are on the sharp end of his pain

That fact that you find it hard to accept is similar to his own holding back in acceptance and taking responsibility. Things will have to get hard for him to feel consequnces. Let him feel them if you want him to get better. The best things you can do to help him quit and what you want to do to keep your relationship going may be two different things. It's very complicated. Sorry for your pain.



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This situation is pretty

This situation is pretty awful sorry you're going through this . 

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