Does he like the game more than me

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Does he like the game more than me

Hi! I am a wife of seven years to a gamer. We have two kids under 5. He's always been a gamer, had to go to 12th grade twice bc he failed the first time for missing so much school due to gaming competitions. I thought it would be a thing he would learn to manage as he got older. No. He goes to work, comes home and spend about 3-4 hours (most days) with us until the girls go to bed and then it's on his computer/Xbox until 12-1 am on days he has to work and 4-5 on days he doesn't. EVERY weekend hell sleep until 12-until I finally yell enough to get him up and then he's on his game. I am at my wits end. When we fight about it he blames me saying I never try spending time with him. I do, I ask him to go places when the girls and I go somewhere, I try and get him to do thing with me. When I tell him that he then blames his gaming on the fact that I don't show him affection or want to have sex with him. That's true but it's bc I don't even see him as my partner anymore, just as a roommate that watches the kids sometimes. I don't even know what to say anymore. I have moved into our guest room bc I am just done, and tired of hearing him yell on a headset till 1am every night. I don't believe in divorce but I don't want my girls growing up honking this is the way a man should be. 


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Stop arguing and start detaching !

Welcome Kay

Hugs. I feel for you in your situation. It's a complicated mix of stuff going on. I would enourage you to keep coming back to work on you and look after yourself. Read the other spouse stories for inspiration. We have some good posts that can help you to detach with love and stop enabling him. You can only change you. If you can learn to deal with all this in a healthy way that may have a knock on effect on him. But put the focus on you so you feel stonger and more in control of your life. Glad you are here! you are not alone.


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This is the same way im feeling.And the exact same issues you have and more im burned out..Im thinking leaving is my only option i asked him to leave but he wouldnt saying this is his house but its mine as well...

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