Fiance ruining relationship

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Fiance ruining relationship

Please please please, someone help.

I've been best friends with my fiance for 5 years, he was never like this or so I thought. After we got together life was peaches and cream, he was great. He helped me through so much and we fell really hard for each other, 7 months later he bought his console.

It was fine and dandy because I like games too, so I thought nothing of it, until he started raging. It started off with it being funny rants and stupid sayings, and then he threw the controller and caused a massive hole in the wall. He constantly breaks the controllers, throws them across the room, at the TV - which he has broken a 800 dollar TV - and got mad at me when I yelled at him. He throws it without thinking which usually hits me or hits our dogs. Or causes another hole in the wall. And then he screams at his games until his throat is coarse and raspy.

I've talked to him multiple times and denies everything. He says "It's what guys do, if you don't like it then date a chick." Now whenever I bring it up when he's screaming, he will get more mad and call me a b**** and rage some more. I'm at the point where I think I should go, but I love him with every centimeter of my being. Please help me...

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Hi Aquamerena

Hi Aquamerena

You are not alone to feel like this. You came to the right place.

He is neglecting your relationship because he is having way too much fun at the moment which is fuelling his addiction

The way to get help is to help yourself understand all the issues playing out here. Come back and read other's experiences to inspire you

Start with the link for spouses/SO's in my signature below. It will give you the tools you need.

The key principle is that he has got to feel huge consequences for him to want to change his habits. You leaving him may or may not be enough.

Because you cannot make him change, you just have to do what is best for you to have a happy life and a find a relationship that works for you

Keep coming back !



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