First time here - need advice on game rager partner

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First time here - need advice on game rager partner

Hi everyone, 

My partner and I are both 37. He is addicted to Fifa 15-16. He works casual and when he is at home he spends the majority of his time on the xbox. He will sit up until 4am playing it if he doesn't have work the next day and will then sleep until midday. We have just moved house 3 weeks ago and I am due to have a baby in a week and I can't get him to help me with anything without having a 2 hour argument. While he is on the xbox he constantly screams and yells at the game. I have lost count of the controllers he has broken, plus he has broken a tv. I can't approach him or speak to him about anything while he is playing because he will speak to me in an aggressive tone. It completely changes him. He has no self-control. He will sometimes apologise the next day but most of the time he just tels me to get stuffed and he'll play it of he wants. I am sick and tired of it. I contemplate leaving him on a daily basis. I have a 9 year old son who is also sick to death of how he carries on. We have no life. He never wants to go anywhere. You can always tell when he's about to play it coz he's all happy and offers to do things and then gradually drifts into the bedroom to play. I really don't know what to do anymore but I am fed up...Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you :-)


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Welcome Sharnee

Welcome Sharnee

Welcome advice for spouses here

You said "We have no life". That is sad. If you knew he would never change, what would you do?

I recommend you read and reread the welcome letter to spouses, put some of the suggestions into action and keep coming back to read the other stories to inspire you to make changes so you have an awesome life.

Please let us know how you get on.


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I am sorry to hear that you

I am sorry to hear that you and your son are having to deal with your husband's addiction. Speaking from experience-- sometimes it is best to get out of the situation entirely if you've exhausted all measures. Often times it takes something big to happen to that person "rock bottom" if you will, in order to jolt yourself back into reality. I've been down that path six years ago and I've been clean ever since. When you are so immersed inside of a game that it's all you want to do then there's not much that will save you aside from hitting that 'rock bottom' phase I was telling you about. Before he plays have you tried sitting down and talking to him about how it is making you feel? You are expecting a baby and it isn't fair for him to put you in this situation, but it's definitely something that needs to be done. If you have other family that you can stay with for awhile then I'd suggest to give that a go. If talking to him doesn't help, if limiting his time on it will only lead to more gaming and counseling isn't something he is willing to do-- I say put yourself and the kids first. YOU get yourself into a much better, healthier environment and greater things will follow.

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