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Game Over

Over the past year, I have been on OLGA looking for connecton.  I couldn't believe my SO was playing Overwatch, Destiny, Minecraft, etc for 60 hours a week.   I tracked the hours, as if it were to make me feel better. I journaled how she treated me during, after and without gaming.  When she used silent treatment against me it was worse than anything I have ever experienced.  I researched my face off on youtube, watched countless speaker videos on gaming both pro and against to gain some kind of reassurance that I wasn't the crazy one. I questioned myself countless times if the gaming was additive or not.  Afterall, gamers want to connect with other people, but when they ignore their husbands, wives, kids and family it has now reached critical levels, there is a problem.  I ignored  my intuition.  I would crumple my intuition up into a ball and throw it away.   I was wrong.  Listen to your intution.  Intuition can be explained as Emotion + Logic.   For a while, before the marriage ended up in a separation, I did enable her.  I enabled her because it was the only time she was nice to me.  One more thing, she found a connection.   She called it an on-line affair.  An on-line affair can change the entire dynamic of a relationship.  It started 2 years ago,   I did ignore my intution 6 months prior to the separation about the possible affair, because I did not want to be right.   If you think something is wrong in your relationship, then it go with your gut.  I had a part in this too.  I got sober.  I have almost a year sober.  I wish my S.O. could get sober from gaming, but that's not my decision.  It's her's.  So, now that marriage therapy did not work, we are on the verge of spliting up assets and moving on.  Why would a normal spouse put up with this behavior?   One word. LOVE.  

Listen to your intuition.  Confront your spouse.  Detach with Love if you can. Take Care of yourself. Hang out with real people / friends. Pray.  This is what has helped me.  For now, my life with the S.O its Game Over.  The games won.  I must now rebuild my life.  I still love my S.O.  I hope one day she will turn it around.  God Bless. 

If you can't stand for something you'll fall for anything.

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Thank you for sharing your

Thank you for sharing your very honest and moving testamony. i am so sorry for your loss of your significant other relationship. I wish you all the best as you forge your new life and that love and joy will find you in abundance.


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