He chose Eve over marrying me

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He chose Eve over marrying me

Hello All, 

My fiance was obsessed firstly with anonymous which in a nutshell,  put my life in danger. I smashed his mask as a symbol of his love to me and then promised profusely that he hadnt bought another...  I asked why one had arrived thw other day then and he said no memory of doing that.  So the lies began about that,  drugs and goodness knows what else.  He even told my boss and very close friend not to tell me if they do drugs as i hate it so much.  Eve came in during all this and that was when i really lost the man i loved.  It made him lie,  made him angry if something went wrong,  he started referring to the people on there as his friends and said how important he is. He never came to bed,  the sex stopped and eventually i asked him to come off it 2 months before our wedding in Budapestjust for a few weeks while we worked on us so he came to bed before midnigjt that night...  I woke at 4am to the same noise of his loud voice and yes...  He was back on it.  So I left at 4am, called off the wedding and not once did he try and come after me.  He is off to Vegas to meet these friends in October which i find strange seeing as he used to say he doesn't even like the US. My favourite place in the world. So this time next week i wil be in Budapest as it's all booked and paid for but not as a bride... 


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Welcome Becky

Welcome Becky

Thanks for sharing. I think you did the right thing for both of you. I am sorry for the pain of this but you need to have a relationship that involves sharing responsibilty and taking care of eachother. He could not give you that. I hope you find someone who is right for you. There is a thread about co-dependancy you may want to check out. I am not saying that you are co-dependant, but you may find it helpful to know about it  if you do not want to end up with another addict as a bf.


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