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I am completely new to this, but I am extremely glad that I stumbled upon this site. My boyfriend of almost 3 years is an addicted gamer from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to sleep he sits in front of his xbox playing Destiny or Halo. When we first started dating it wasn't really bad, him and his brother shared an xbox so he didn't really have the time to play 24.7, we actually had a relationship, we went out and did things, we were social with other people, we both worked. Now that he has his own game system and complete set up in our basement I literally never see him. I have to drag him out of the house with me, and god forbid I ask him to help with our 2 week old son its like the hardest task in the world for him if he even decides to lay off the game and help me. Im exhuasted, I completely care for our 2 week old son and My 3 1/2 year old son, not to mention I fufill all of the household duties and work part time since apparently video games are too important to him to find a job. I've tried to be compassionate and see his point of view and cut him some slack but its like he is never even around anymore. He wakes up past 3pm everyday, immediately goes in the basement with friends and won't come back upstairs until 5am. I told him numerous times that I am done with this, and that he needs to cut back on the gaming and give some attention to our children and other areas of life but everytime I try to talk to him about it I just get called annoying or a b****. I have no clue what to do, I love him to death, hes the father of our kids and It would be so hard to break our family apart but he just doesnt seem to care anymore. 

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Dear you.

Welcome to this site.

I totally recognize your situation. We are many in here who know what you're dealing with. It's frustrating and beyond that.. I don't wanna take down any hope you might have or any expectations, but.. My experience is - it doesn't magically get any better. I myself, too, went through pregnancy and raising a baby, at many times, by myself. Even though my significant other was here and still is. The new baby situation with responsibilities and all that doesn't make them change. Doesn't spontaneously open their eyes, sorry. All I can say, stay strong, stay true to yourself and stay here and read/share about experiences within this major gaming problem.

Hope and faith your way.

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Welcome stsorohan to olganon,

Welcome stsorohan to olganon, Your words reminded me of my gaming life with total ignorance to myself, my wife and kids. I suggest you focus on your life with your kids and don't try much to find a solution to get your boyfriend off games. He is the one who has to get himself back from this mess.  If he has serious addiction as i did, you would be right, he is not around anymore! If you are the one who paying life's costs, do not support him. This could remind him to come back to Life. it may help to not cook for him unless he eats with you and with the kids. at some point he will get tired of gaming and take a break for maybe 1-2 days, tell him then about this website. we can help him if he wants!

take care

"Recovery is not about dealing with gaming. Recovery is about dealing with Life"

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