Husband a bad gambler

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Husband a bad gambler

Hi everybody I'm new on hear please help me I have three young children under 5 and my husband gambles I can't believe he is putting his family through this I was getting letters through post we're bill were not getting paied and diret debits bouncing then found on his phone he was going on William hill and gambling started on slots he was gambling his full wage on it then horse racing and football too he has joint all the sites going betfred and lots more he says he is going to change but he blocks his self of one and then goes on another I don't what else to do I feel our relationship is getting worse please help 

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Hi Weezy

Hi Weezy

This site is for those affected by video gaming addiction. However, I am sure that some of the advice on this site may be applied to gambling addiction also. I would encourage you to read the sticky posts in the blue area of the public and private spouses forum. Look at stuff about detachment and setting boundaries.


Because the loss of money is so much a part of gambling addiction, then I think you have to take more steps to protect yourself financially. You will need to take control of the family finances so your partner cannot touch the money you need to live. If he will not do this willingly then you may need to separate yourself financially ( and maybe your relationship) using legal methods. I would advise you to speak to Citizens advice (CAB) , a solicitor (they may do a free introductory session), or maybe a debt counselling service.

You may find moral support by going to Al-anon meetings; they understand what it is like to live with an addict. We cannot control the addict, but you can control what YOU think and do about it to look after yourself and kids

You may find better answers on this forum:

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