I have a Clash of Clans addict on my hands

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I have a Clash of Clans addict on my hands

Are these forums still alive? 


My husband plays Clash of Clans, he's been playing since the game app basically started. The last 2 years I have noticed some fishy things he's been doing, like being "overly nice" to girls in his clan. I don't deserve that shyt. He spends hours glued to this game and I find it hard to talk to him, like he's ignoring me when I am trying to say something like "dinners ready" or something funny about his kids that they are doing right at that moment. He will just look up and say "huh?" Like a idiot. So many times he has made me feel worthless and useless when his lazy ass can't even get off the couch. I'm so frustrated that he ignores me but it really ****es me off when he ignores our 3 kids!! They don't deserve to stand there and say "daddy" a bunch of times before he actually answers them. The disrespect he shows. I'm really falling out of Love with him and when he's around I'm just getting more and more disgusted, he's becoming less and less attractive to me. It makes me want to find someone else to fill my needs. Oh and he only gets off his game when he wants something from me. I'm mostly hurt right now.

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Welcome !

Welcome !

It sounds like excessive game play is affecting his brain wiring and empathy. this is widely reported behaviour. This addiction is very powerful. To learn more about it and what you can do check out the link for spouses/SO's in my signature below.


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