I just can't anymore..

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I just can't anymore..

I don't even know if you love me anymore. I have been doing everything that I can for one year. I cried, yelled, talked, shut up, even begged. Nothing works. You don't understand how much you hurt me. Maybe you just don't want to understand. You are in your comfort zone, and you are so sure that I love you so much and I can't leave you.

I feel lonely. I am going through a lot, and you are just busy with your stupid game. You are never there for me, and now I see you have no intention to change. You don't work. You dont't eat. You do nothing.

You have just left me crying on the phone, and gone back to your game. This may be the 100th time that you did this exact same thing, but this is the first time that I feel that I had enough. 

I love you, but I just can't anymore.

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Welcome Bambula

Welcome Bambula

Your words echo many other spouses who come here and they will relate to your feelings.

Our welcome advice to spouses is here.

If your partner is addicted he will have very little control over gaming. This is because excessive gaming damages the brain chemistry and this changes their personality and control. If they quit they can start to recover.

You may find the replies in the thread linked below helpful to understand the issues and viewpoints shared by other spouses and gamers.


Keep coming back to learn about how you can change to move forward with this; because we cannot control the gamer.

Our tools are taking care of our own needs,  stopping enabling them and "detaching with love". There is a lot more you can read about these on the spouse forums. See the sticky posts.



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