I'm afraid of losing my wife

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I'm afraid of losing my wife

My wife plays big fish casino games online. I recently found out that she had at least one online affair with someone from the game. We have been married for 21 years, and she refuses to stop or cut down her playing time. I have told her that I don't mind her playing, just to keep it to playing, not inappropriate conduct. She makes me out to be the badguy for not letting her "have fun". She ignores me and our kids for the game and now says she is done flirting and chatting. However, she wants to post suggestive profile photos to encourage guys to flirt so she "can ignore them". I'm terrified of losing the woman I love to online affairs. Any advice would be welcome.

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Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum.

You are not alone with this problem.

She doesn't think she has a gaming problem, She probably see's it as a controlling husband problem. It is very hard to make them see sense.

If you look at the links in this thread you will see the tools you can use that may help.


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