I’m new to all this

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I’m new to all this

My boyfriend of 5 years, we have two children together. I don’t actually know where to start. 


Reading stuff from this website I’m convinced he is addicted to gaming. He spends every second he can online, he quit his job over a year ago to try and make money from playing xbox. Me and my children come second to his xbox, we’ve had the same conversation 100 times and everytime he says he’ll cut back on how much he plays, it works for a few days then we’re back to square one, he gets defensive when I try and talk about it to him. He laughs if I mention the word addiction. Snaps when I ask him for help with children or house, he plays all day and all night, Sleeps through the day and I can’t trust him to stay alone with my children because he can’t keep himself awake I actually feel like I’m going crazy repeating the same thing over and over. I’m booked in with my doctor for my mental health, I have the worst self esteem and every day we argue about a computer that seems to be more important than our relationship. I don’t know what else I can do to make him realise.  What do I do if he won’t even entertain the idea that he has a problem? 

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Welcome Hollie

Welcome Hollie

You are not alone

Have a look at the first aid kit for spouses. There is a link in my signature below.

You may find it helpful to start your journey by looking after you and give yourself lots of love, self care and support. Also by changing the way you intereact with him may help him to come to his senses. Detaching with love, stopping enabling, setting boundaries, looking at the way you communicate ... have a look. Sorry you have to deal with this baffling addiction.

Any more questions after you have read it, please ask


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