Just found evidence yesterday

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Just found evidence yesterday

My husband has been addicted to Game of war for more than 3 years now. The phone goes everywhere with him including the bathroom. He doesn't even put it down when walking. A couple of months ago he took out 2 credit cards to help us with bills due to me being out of work for a year now due to health. Begging him night after night to put it away or trying to have a simple conversation has been impossible and has left me very depressed. He also has an alcohol addiction so knowing there wasn't any money in our accounts for him to stop at the bar, I have been watching for the cc statements in the mail. Well I found them unopened in his pants pocket. Just for December alone he has charged over $3000.00 through ITunes and one of the cards has to be paid in full each month bc it's to help build his credit. That one was more than $2000. I'm devistated and of course he was belligerent and nasty to me. He has 2 accounts with this game. No money for bills and won't delete them. What do I do? I have been with him for almost 9 years and married for more than 3. I don't even know him anymore.

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Welcome and thanks for sharing your experience.

We cannot cure their addiction but you really need to take some control of finances and seek legal advice about what you can do to protect your situation.

I recommend you keep coming back because there are stories similar to your own which can help you find a path for you.




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