Lost my wife to clash of kings

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Lost my wife to clash of kings

Hi,my name is Tom. I am in dire straits. My wife is divorcing me for protesting against her 8-10 hour a day video game habit. She is moving to Europe to be closer to the "friends she has made" in her alliance. We have been arguing about this for about a year. I got her to stop once, but after a week or so she secretly started playing again. She is on full SSDI Disability for severe PTSD. I have asked her daughter and several others for help but they seem to think that it can't possibly be this bad. We have been married 12 years and she has previously shown signs of compulsive gambling, spending countless hours and days, along with $10's of thousands of dollars, basically all of our life savings and home equity over a 5 year period. She is a breast cancer survivor and meeting with others so inflicted was always her excuse, an escape from reality. During those times, if I said anything to anyone, they treated me as if I was cruel, that I didn't understand. She needs her space. Now that she has gone through all of my retirement funds, sold our house and sent the proceeds, ran up 4 credit cards to max , and defaulted on over 40/k in my name, while hiding the statements. I am fully disabled and spend a lot of the day in bed, . ,I have tried speaking to her doctor who won't discuss her problem with me. Now I have been forced out of my own home without a source of I come , no car, no CC or bank account and am currently living in the charity of my children. I am heartbroken over my lost love and best friend. I'm Broke , In. Never ending physical pain , a burden and intrusion into my children's lives and severely depressed. I underwent 10 days of in hospital therapy, but don't feel much better now.
I'm almost 64, see no future but despair.
I can't make a donation at this time as I have 53 dollars to my name, I can only ask that people such as your organization bri g this problem to the light of others. I have been stonewalled at every turn when ever trying to get help, too late for me, but maybe someone else can be saved from the night mare my life has become, one step from homeless on the street. Luckily the Aurora charter group kept me an extra week under their roof when they desperately needed the bed, and my son came across the country to rescue me. Or I would be on the street homeless today, mainly to " harmless online gaming ". Thanks for being here for me to vent, my kids have heard enough.

Tommy B

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Hi Tommy

Hi Tommy

I am so sorry you have had to be part of all this.

We recognise here that gaming addiction leads to break up of families and relationships. Circumstances and addiction have conspired to be very cruel to you in your particular situation. 

Look after yourself Tommy. I hope that you will be able to overcome this trauma and build a new positive outlook and life for yourself, and find the support you need from family and new friends.


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