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I'm new here and I haven't seen any mention of money in relation to these addictive games. My wife has run up over $25,000 dollars in debt while playing these games. She has promised to stop but doesn't. Last night I told her I was not going to continue our current financial arrangement where I give her money on a monthly basis which she uses for her personal and our household use. She went bonkers. Accusing, bargaining, threatening to leave, claiming if I do that it will further destroy her self esteem, and might kill her due to her high blood pressure. 

I told her I was not cutting her off but that the money would be given when needed for shopping and receipts would be needed. This was unacceptable to her as it would make her feel like she was begging for money. The outburst quieted down when she suggested that I give her half the usual amount and I said I'd think about it. I'm really not comfortable giving her any money as I feel it will be going directly to Candy Bubble or whatever game shes currently playing. She has, for the first 10 days in March, run up a bill of almost $300. This as she is already filing for bankruptcy.

We both have over 20 years in another 12 step program, but she does not seem able or willing to apply the tennants of the one to her current situation. I guess I'm just looking for an outlet and some suggestions, and thoughts on the money issue.

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Hi Waldo

Hi Waldo

We do get threads about in game spending from time to time

For example:

I think what you are doing is necessary. She is an addict. SHe is not going to like what you do to curb her addiction though.

You may find support through gam anon because the money component is so strong it's very similar to gambling

If you can find a meeting, people may be able to share with you how to cope with financial issues.

use the Link for spouses in my signature for more general advice.




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