Mother's Day

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Mother's Day

I hate Mother's Day. My husband's gaming makes me feel lonely most of the time anyway, but there's something about Mother's Day that's like pouring lemon juice on a paper cut. Or, rather, like submerging it in lemon juice.

My mom passed away six years ago, his mom passed away two years ago, his stepmother is in WA and mine couldn't care less about us.

I think I let myself get caught up in hope. I think, here's a day set aside for family togetherness, now he HAS to spend time with us. Then I'm... Not surprised, and somehow still heartbroken when he's still blowing me off to play WoW. Loneliness x 100 I guess.

" We have this hope as an anchor for the soul. A hope both sure, and steadfast." Hebrews 6:19