My Fiancé is addicted to Destiny 2

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My Fiancé is addicted to Destiny 2

Hey there, randomly came across this forum in search for some advice. My fiance is SEVERELY addicted to the game Destiny 2. He plays for 11 to 12 hours A DAY, and I'm starting to feel like a third wheel of sorts. He's a super sweet guy, and I love him to death, but what do I do when I feel like he prioritizes a game over our relationship ? I don't want to leave him, because like stated before, he's the sweetest person I have ever been with. The only issue is his game. And I want us both to work it out.

He has group chats with his clan all the time, which I only despise because they make him play even longer. Plus, they always laugh and chat together, and now its like I never see him that happy with me. It makes me feel like maybe I'm the problem. Am I over reacting? Am I too clingy ? All that goes through my head are questions asking me if I'M the problem, and not him. But I can see that there are others on here going through the same thing, and I really want advice.

Another note, I'm the only one who works. I work a minimum wage job, trying to support the both of us. It was okay, because he was attending college, and I didnt want a job added to that to stress him out. But he, since-recently, dropped out, and is now playing this game excessively. We are actually having to move into his dads house because, with my pay alone, we can no longer afford to live in our apartment.

I've been extremely stressed out over this, and feel like I'm a ghost in my own home. Like I never exist to him anymore. Please, if anyone has any advice on how to at least get him to moderate his time gaming, I'd love to hear it.

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He is hooked on the game. You

He is hooked on the game. You are not alone.  The best thing you can do is read through the support material for spouses; see the link in my signature below.

Things will only change if you start to make changes for yourself.

You cannot control his addiction but you can stop your part in keeping it going and maybe then he will have to wake up.


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He is addicted. Why would he

He is addicted. Why would he allow you to be the only one working? He dropped out of college and doesn't think he should be supporting himself? I am not saying this with judgement. I am saying it because that is what I allowed in my home far too long and that was MY fault.
You are responsible for you! You aren't even married yet. You both need to get help for yourselves. Al Anon has helped me tremendously as has olganon!!
Stay in your lane and take care of YOU! Then you can start to focus on all the rest.


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I've been going through the

I've been going through the exact same thing for 2 years , it's heartbreaking I'm sorry your going through it , I wouldn't wish it on anyone .for real.

Sometimes I can get him to cut back when he thinks I'll leave but it never lasts ,honestly I would suggest you leave if that is a option for you if he won't make real changes right away and stick with it , like getting a job and being a adult and valuing you and the relationship. 

I geninually hope it gets better for you dear 

Scincre regards 


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