My fiance's video game habit has left me bitter and alone.

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My fiance's video game habit has left me bitter and alone.

One of the first things my fiance and I bonded over was our love for video games. But once we moved in together, I quickly realized that his love for them was on a different level. We have been through a lot of tough times finacially recently and he just got out of the military, so his game time has increased. I know he is just trying to escape into his alternate world because it's comforting, but I feel so alone. I have to "pester" him to do anything. Chores, his paperwork, taxes. I have to beg him to pay any attention to me. I have to beg him to be intimate. (Once went out in full lingerie to lure him in and he rejected me because he was playing.) He tells me I am a crybaby for this. That I'm "too sensitive". If I bother him while he's on the game, he is very nasty towards me. Sometimes I am just trying to be sweet and ask what he wants for dinner, or if he wants to go out. Then he became unemployed. He spent all day on his games. I am talking ALL DAY LONG. He even would stay up for four nights in a row sometimes. We recently moved again and he has an opportunity to find a job and he has been playing his games just like right before we moved. I am so stressed because I become an enabler if I put in applications for him, and if I don't we stay stuck in our financial rut. Even when he worked in the past, he still spent all his time online or sleeping. I can't talk to him about it at all. He gets defensive and tells me that I knew this is how he was.

I am finally at the point where I've realized that I just need to let him fall on his face and stop trying to get his attention. You can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped.

 This is the love of my life. I am beginning to lose my mind and probably my temper very shortly. I am happy to find out that I'm not alone and I hope to dig up some resources and tools to help myself cope.. and possibly bring df to self realization.


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Welcome Bansheequeen

Welcome Bansheequeen

Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you are here. I am sorry that his gaming is blighting your relationship and your lives, and that you do not seem to be moving forward in life together.

I am sure you will relate to many of the other stories on this forum. There are also some threads you may find of interest on the Spouses members only forum. I recommend that you keep coming back to see if the other stories and advice inspire you to make changes to you life that will help you move forward and be at peace, even if he continues to game. Look after yourself.


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