My girlfriend addiction to IMVU ._. please help

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My girlfriend addiction to IMVU ._. please help

My opinion on IMVU.

 IMVU where you could be able to talk to people, enjoy yourself, have fun, meet new people, and just be yourself. Let me say a little more information of this “IMVU” this website is basically about a characteristics of addiction to online games, ability to customize your avatar in the world it lives in, ability of spending so much money and time out of the actual real world. You could go to “IMVU” to make new relationship happen. A place where you could gain an addiction over this game. This game could take you away from everything in the real life to your own little world of your own!

This game has the effected on a person, to quit in the real world to be their avatar, in their own gateway world. It could even stop you from being able to have a regular day without this game. It could stop you from being away from the person you love the most to just being addicted to this game and forgetting everything even your loves one. Lots of people will eventually get so addicted that they won’t be able to stop. Soon they won’t be able to delete the game, even for their love ones, so addicted that they will chose the game over their love ones.

That love one is me. I have a girlfriend that can’t even delete the game for me, even if I beg. We have gotten in a huge argument over this game a lot of times. We have even token a break in our relationship because I couldn’t accept her playing this game, that I couldn’t understand. I ask her to delete it she said “no I can’t”; “you don’t understand”. I tried to understanding for her, a couple of days I couldn’t handle it. She was talking to people then ended up liking them and I know this because I have seen what she had been saying to them and that shyt hurt I’m just jealous type and it could be online or even in person will still hurt. The week later her ex which was someone she dated online in this website I found her talking to her and was very uncomfortable. My girlfriend has so many memories in this game of the past since she used to play it all the time before being with me. I understood that she been playing a lot but I feel like it’s enough of this game, crazy that this game has more control over her than I do. I really love my girlfriend and I don’t want a stupid game to messed what we got. Me and my girlfriend has been together for 1 year and 6 months today….

Some people are addicted to getting high on something other than drugs or Alcohol, to momentarily avoid the dullness or loneliness in their lives. When people hears addiction they might think about a substance, such as drugs or alcohol. But actually people could get addict to anything and I’m 100% sure that my girlfriend is addicted to this game. It’s so easy to dress up your character to being able to be them, having your own personality for your character each time you change your character, and it must be a bit easy to impress others. So easy to run away of your problems in the real life and seeking into IMVU for escape, or even just finding anyone in a random chatroom to meet new people to change your life a bit to give you more of what you are looking for, someone to talk to about everything and anything with, and where you could be able to flirt so easy that they would automatically fall for you. But they might not know how their real life partner is feeling, or even if they do know but so cruel, that they can’t stop with the game and won’t stop.

I saw this on google “Do you really want sleepless nights, illness, bought of depression, anxiety? and to lose your zest for life? I wish someone had warned ME before I ever made an account. However, until it has actually happened to you” I wish she could realize it one day. I hope that one day she come with the conclusions that this game had wasted half of her life on this game, and one day she could finally say to herself “Thank you IMVU but it’s finally Game Over”

I might not understand it but I do understand she is addicted and I really want her to stop playing because it not real life it’s a game. I personality hate IMVU, just because is bring problem in my relationship. I love my girlfriend very much and I will like to take this game away from her for good but I just can’t seem to do that. I just want my girlfriend back… how she was before she started playing it again.

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Hi Julie

Hi Julie

I'm sorry that the game is bad for your relationship. I'm glad you are here!

Our welcome advice is here

We learn we cannot control their choices or their addiction. You eventually will have to accept that she is an addict and not the person you want her to be.  Once you have accepted she is and you cannot control, you can plan what you are going to do about it. You need to make choices for your life to move forwards.

She will only change if she feels some bad consequences.

Keep coming back to read the forums. There are threads that will help you think about how to deal with her addiction by taking the focus off her and how to start to look after you.



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