My husband is addicted to games

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My husband is addicted to games

My husband Kirk is addicted to online games 

it's got to the point where he has to go on his game first thing when he gets up in the morning till the early hours 2am 

he decorated my bathroom and he had to keep stopping to check his game 

our marriage is obviously suffering because of his excessive gaming I've tried to talk to him 

but he's not listening  and I'm unhappy 

I'm at the point if perhaps asking him to leave and take his iPad with him ... I did turn off the Internet connection via the rooter and he stopped talking to me he also became angry and verbally abusive 

my husband won't work and I pay for everything 

he charged me £129 to decorate the room and he got iTunes and spent it all on a game 

I was also thinking of contacting my service provider and cancelling my internet I can't take anymore 

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Welcome ! Thanks for sharing.

Welcome ! Thanks for sharing. Our advice for spouses is here



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charged you for the bathroom?

I think it is not fair to charge you for the bathroom as he is the one who does not work and has all the time in the world to play games. i am afraid that leaving him will be the only solution.

But first try to talk to him about it. When you have just a moment that you atleast can say "hey sweety (or say something else nice, so he feels comfortable) i want to talk to you about that gaming, would you mind?" And than hope you guys can talk it out.

i am now also in the same situation. I spoke to my bf just yesterday about it and the conversation went quit well... only now he is playing games again hahah"



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I tried to be nice to my

I tried to be nice to my husband. I know everything in our relationship is not going well. I think it is not owrking out anymore. I am working but I have to take my resting time to take care of our house chores and my daughters need. My mind was so busy looking for money so that I can send my husband to college. He asked money from me for his tuition fees only to find out that he is only using the money to get Level up points and just to buy gears for his online character. I thought he was doing well in school but I was blinded. His new school is the internet cafes. I am tired because aside from my work, I also looked for tutorials so that I can buy milk for my daughter. I am not asking money from my husband because I don't want to hurt his pride. I just want him to do good in hid studies. He needs a year to complete his degree but all my hardwork was wasted and my dreams of somebody helping me were shattered. He always needed money and I tried to ask money from friends because he told me those are for his thesis. I only have a pair of slippers and old clothes for work because I don't buy for myself because I am saving it for my husbands studies. Until one day I went to his school and asked for the date of his graduation only to find out that he was not even enrolled. I am all in debt now. My husband can't even get back all the money he spent in his gears and powerful guns in his unrealistic world. 


I want to leave him but I can't bear looking at my daughter having an incomplete family. I don't have a brother or a sister...I am all alone. If we will be separated, I don't know how to start.


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Hi Yang, glad you found us

Hi Yang, I'm glad you found Olga. Your life does look sad right now, but I know that talking about it on here can help you a bit. You are a very kind person, from how you still want to help your husband despite him playing games all day and wasting your money. I am confident that you have the strength to improve this situation, but know that it will take time, effort, and support from people. You can start with posting on Olga more, maybe starting your own topic. Olga can give you support, if you join the forums and/or the real-time voice meetings. This community is willing to help. I really hope you can make the most out of this! 

I personally cannot give you much more advice than this. Some people might tell you directly to leave him, and others might tell you to give him all you've got, but, at the end of the day, you should have the right and the ability to decide that for yourself. Our advice might or might not apply to your experiences. 

And, one more thing, I think that optimism is one of the most important things you can have. No matter how bad a situation is, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

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If you get lost, you can always be found." - Home

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Well it's so great to know

Well it's so great to know that you quit playing online games excessively knowing that you still got a lot of things to pursue. Please hold on to it. That is really what I want my husband to realize. We argued just recently and he left home. I am so worried even if he had caused me an enormous enormous that it keeps on bugging me until this very moment. I looked for him and found him with his friends who are online gamers. For a year, he stayed with them and chose to play online games with them rather than study and help me raise our child. I don't have anyone here to vent out all my heartaches because they will just say it was my fault because I spoiled him from the start.I tolerated him.He even had a girl who is also an online gamer and had a sweet realtionship right under my nose. I let him lie to me and not verifying whether it is true or not because I gave him all my trusts believing that he would never do what he did to me right now just becuase I don't want him to think that I am like some other guys who kept on nagging. We want our relationship to be just light.  Because of excessive gaming, he lost track of his life and set aside reality from what has to be simply a make believe...


too bad... every word he says right now is too hard to believe, he is still playing online games right now but he promised not to be like what he used to be before. I know it is still a refusal to leave online gaming but  I am afraid that he will still become worst and again be back to his horrible self. But I know it is too late, I don't have the funds anymore to support his studies  he is nothing without getting a degree... he will just be the same dependent, lazy husband and die useless for the rest of his life... 

BUT I REALLY WANT TO HAVE MY HUSBAND BACKKKKK.....You just don't know how I wanted to shout this to him....But he is not the type that listens to things like this...He will not be affected....


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