My husband is addicted to gaming

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My husband is addicted to gaming

I have just read the letter to spouses and looked at the test to see if he is addicted to gaming. It breaks my heart to realize that he possibly is. I do not know how we got here. We are married for 5 years this year and have a beautiful 19 m boy that looks up to his dad. He has subtly been increasing his gamin time. I’ve bagged and asked to have less game time. To play games when our baby’s asleep. I have a 19 year old girl from previous relationship and if it was not for her help with my babas I deould loose my mind. So his excuse to game is when he goes to the toilet as it helps him to relax. Then he will stay there an hour. I have spoken to him on few occasions and highlited to him that he needs to spend less time on the game. He has then tried to cut down. Lately he does it a lot in his free time. Don’t matter if our little baby’s awake. Needs to bathead and fed. He will go to the toilet play a game and still be in the middle of another game when he comes out. Many many nights he will not see our son before the boy goes to sleep and I will hear him come from the bathroom still playing the game. He would sometimes carry on for another hour. Then watch something on Internet that is sometimes game related or watch series and then when I’m fast asleep I would be woken up by him shouting at the other people in the game. He would tell me he can’t fall asleep and would play a few games. He would come to bed a few hours before we must get up for work. Or he will just go sleep in the couch. I am so tired of this. It’s so frustrating I don’t know how to get through to him. I respect the fact that you say I must focus on me. But I have my baby to think of I don’t want him growing up like this. It’s like rejection. When my husband is not playing games he is the most loving father and my best friend. I feel I’m loosing him. He gets so annoyed when I interrupt his game I can’t ask him anything. I’ve tried nagging him we just end up arguing. I do t think this is fair towards my teenage daughter that looks up to him and to my little baby boy. I don’t know what to do. I’ve asked him if he thinks he has s problem. He says no. He can show me how much time he really plays on ther as the game records your time. I forgot to mention he is playing Pub G. He also chats to the people online when they get their team together to play. Not that I’m interested but I must say I feel very jealous is I hear how excited he is to talk to the people online. I just come to bed early and sleep with my baby . I feel very lonely 


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Welcome to the forum Verie

Welcome to the forum Verie

I am so sad to hear that you feel lonely. That you grieve that your husband is more focused online than on his own flesh and blood. It sounds like it is hurtful and confusing to you.

You are not alone !

Have a look at the link for spouses and SO's in my signature. It will give you the tools to understand and take action.

You cannot make him change but you can change your world by getting the support you need and deserve elsewhere, and changing things so that he is more likely to wake up from his behaviour.

Keep coming back. Look after yourself and seek support.


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