My husband is addicted to LOL

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My husband is addicted to LOL

My husband suffers from depression and anger issues which makes his addiction to League of Legends horrible! We have been together for 8years now, married for 3. We have two sons an almost 3year old and a 1year old which is where his addiction has become a major problem. 

He will stay up all night playing this stupid game, literally all night, he would rather go days without sleep than stop playing. He will swear and scream and punch the computer desk if something isn't going his way. Most recently he did this at 3am waking up both kids and scaring the crap out of them but he didn't see the problem. I sat down and calmly tried to explain to him that this can't keep happening, that this is too dangerous for our sons to be around and I will (as much as I don't want to) have to take the boys and leave him to his games. I gave him a choice, stop playing or say goodbye. 

Well he stopped playing for 24hrs and now plays when he thinks I'm not around or that I'm asleep... he doesn't realise that his yelling wakes me up every single night. Is the game really more important than his family? Why can't he see what he is losing? I'm at my wits end. He needs help and I need help coping with this. 

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Hi MrsGoodger

I am really sorry for your dilemna. LOL is a very addictive game and from your description, your husband appears to be addicted to LOL. Once someone is addicted to something, the logic goes out of the window. The brain chemistry changes and it messes up their brain. They cannot reason like the rest of us. They start to see their game as if it is something they need for survival; like food, water...You can not logically tell them what is right, what is wrong.. LOL is the most important thing for him right now. I am sorry to say but it would be too optimistic to expect him to stop gaming simply because it is indeed the right thing to do. Dr Andrew Doan who was the member here for some time had WOW addiction and the only thing which made him stop gaming was when his wife took their children and left him. He then realized what he was about to loose and somehow beat this addiction. I am not suggesting you do the same but all I am saying you can't reason with him and talk him out of gaming. He has to stay away from gaming completely for months before his brain start to heal. Only after the fog in his head is lifted, he may start to see what real life is all about..

Good luck with your ordeal. Please remember it is no your fault. You didn't cause it, you can't control it and you can't cure it. Your children need you and you have to stay strong for them. Big Hugs to you! 

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Welcome to the forums ! What

Welcome to the forums ! What May Light says is spot on.

You are right that it is not good for your children being around a Dad who neglects them. What kind of role model is he for them? A very poor one indeed.

If you follow some of the links on this post you will be able to learn more about how you can look after yourself in an addictive relationship.

I recommmend you keep coming back to read other threads by spouses that you can relate to.

Because you have no control over his addiction you have to do what you think is best for your health and sanity and the kids.


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I kicked my wife out of my

I kicked my wife out of my home in March due to her LoL addiction.   She would play 18 hours a day 7 days a week, and rarely left my son's room where she slept when she was not playing the game.

My young son is also addicted to gaming and this has now severed our bond.


Go take a look at lividwife's post so you can have an idea what I'm dealing with. 

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