My husband spent nearly 18 hours playing a video game yesterday!!

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My husband spent nearly 18 hours playing a video game yesterday!!

He got this new game called Sea of Thieves for both the PC and XBox about a week ago and has been playing it every night. Even stayed home from work (unpaid!) the day after he got it so he could play. Yesterday he got up at 9:30AM and was playing this game by 10AM. He played on his PC until about 2PM, then got on the Xbox and played with a guy from work for about an hour before it crashed. At that point he took an hour break to watch a show with me. By 4PM he was back on his PC playing it. Started making dinner about 6 (which was just boiling brats, while I made the mac and cheese and mixed veg). We ate at 7PM, but he opted to take his plate into the computer room because he was in the middle of a “mission” that he couldn’t get away from. I went to bed at 10PM. He said he should come to bed but he’s not going to. Woke up at 2AM and he was playing. Laid awake seething until 3:30 when I got up and went in and asked when he was coming to bed. He said he just had to get to this island then he would, which was supposed to take 5 minutes. Go back to bed an seethe because he’s not coming to bed. He finally comes to bed at 5AM!!

He is 50 years old and this is how he wastes his days off and a lot of times doesn't go into work because he wants to play. I am so tired of nothing else getting done around the house. He tells me all this stuff he's going to do and doesn't do any of it. The firepit is falling apart, the pond is unfinished, the garden needs to be planted. Nothing will be done.

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Welcome mapper

Welcome mapper

Gaming can be fun but when it starts to change people's personalities and make them abandon their duty then it's serious.

The link for spouses in my signature below may help you learn to cope with this if it's is a long term problem and not just a one off..

Thanks for sharing!


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