My LDR boyfriend plays WoW and sometimes I feel left out. What do I do?

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My LDR boyfriend plays WoW and sometimes I feel left out. What do I do?

So let me explain the current situation clearly.

Me and my current boyfriend met during the beginning of summer holidays this year in a game. Just as I met him I realised there was something about him I really liked, but I didn't really understand. He added me after a game and we played for a few days straight, together all the time. Then when the holidays actually started, the second week or so? I had to play less due to my summer job -- I had morning and afternoon shifts each week and I was exhausted. I was longing so much for him everytime for us to play together, but after the week of first starting out I noticed he seemed to spend a lot less time with me and even texting me. I had a very big crush on him and I know it sounds super silly. When we had played back then, I'd even try to flirt a bit or compliment him so he'd get the idea, however he seemed very awkward about it which is understandable. He's also 5 years older than me and goes to a preparatory college right now. 


So this went on and off the whole time, we didn't talk almost at all during the first month of July anymore. Then in August he eventually popped up and I asked him to play a couple of games. He said he had a surprise for me for my birthday and well whatever. Though he disappeared since then until again, until the end of August, last day of the season in the game. He messages me if he can join for a few games, and well guess what, I was extremely happy to see him again. Even though during the time we hadn't been talking it has made me sad and I was close to giving up my crush on him. So then we spent the night playing and talking, so the day after or something I couldn't hold back anymore. I was sure I would get rejected because that all was perhaps really sudden for him, but I thought, if I confess and he rejects me, at least I can finally move on and stop crushing over him. So well, I get my balls together and I do it. And as I thought, he did indeed reject me, politely at least - he said he was not seeking for a relationship because he had just gone through a horrible break up with his ex. And I understood. I cried a lot. 


So then during the next two days he proceeds to talk a ton with me, he talks almost the whole half day he's free and then once at night he calls me and says that he wants to tell me something. He said that he likes me aswell but he didn't want to sound like a creep, also that he was afraid he'd miss out on me so he didn't want to lose me. (He used to be very socially awkward and he's super shy, apparently) I was so surprised and taken away, and we eventually made up and that's when we "became a couple".. 


Now the first week was alright, we did talk and call most of the time. We both have school and all so I understand that he's busy. Though, he told me that he's addicted to video games and thus I also noticed he plays a lot, a lot of WoW since coming home til late night, actually. The good morning/good night texts coming from him totally disappeared this week and I wonder if I'm in his way. He hid his status on Discord I believe since Monday but I can still see him playing through another app.He did call me on Monday and yesterday, but I feel like there's something missing and I miss him very much, it's only been almost the second week!!! On Sunday, I wanted to spend some time with him and yeah he has been busy, but he wouldn't even call for a minute to say what's up or tell me something. He just said that "Sorry, today's been one of those days........ and now it's RAID TIME"...then his good mornings stopped since Monday. He did ask me yesterday if I'm free tomorrow and he wants to do a date call and spend time watching stuff with me. But it started to concern me that he doesn't even text me during the day anymore, say good morning/good night and the fact he rejected me first and then changed his mind after.. I texted him the night before that I miss him, and he didn't text me at all before during the day, but he replied "I miss you too"..


Maybe I'm overreacting, maybe I'm just a coward or overly sensitive.. and insecure or whatever. What do I do? It's been a very, very short time but I already am starting to worry. I don't wanna bring it up like this cause it's been not yet a long time, and it would make me look like as if I wanted to control him. I am supportive of his hobby, I just feel so left out at times.

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Hi and welcome

Hi and welcome

This sounds more than a hobby.

Excessive gaming wires people differently. Excessive gaming is not a hobby, its more akin to addiction. The addiction will always come first.

Look after yourself. I don't think he is capable of giving a real relationship. Go out and meet real people and get face to face contact. Online relationships feel intense but you are missing out on real life. Find someone who really wants to know and care for you.


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