My relationship is suffering

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My relationship is suffering

Hi all,
I'm writing because I am **** near at my wits end with my boyfriend's gaming addiction. I am feeling very neglected due to the computer taking nearly all of my boyfriend's spare time. He has told me that he'd like to take a break from gaming, but instead he's just gotten even more hooked. I have brought to his attention that I am feeling hurt and neglected and at one point he said,"you're right, you deserve more attention " but now it is,"nothing will ever make you happy ".
We've been together about 2.5 years, have lived together for 2 of those years and have a cat together. We have discussed marriage and kids and I've said that the gaming concerns me because I feel as though when we have kids he'll choose games over them. I'm 26 and he's 29 and sometimes I feel like an old married couple and it makes me sad,we hardly ever have sex,and that isn't my choice.
Now, I'll admit. I suffer anxiety and depression and at times do not express my emotions appropriately, but I am in the process of seeking help to manage my symptoms. But, I came to him with my concerns in a level headed, calm manner recently and he just turned everything around on me. I'm never happy, I'm crazy, I need help, etc. I'm just sick of constantly going to bed alone and being ignored because his online buddies and more important. We have both said we need a hobby together, as we mostly just watch TV. Just this past weekend I tried to get him to play a board game with me and he shot me down. I'm just so frustrated and confused.

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Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum.

He has a gaming problem and it has rewired his brain. He is only likely to chnage if he feels real consequences of his actions.

You cannot cure him; you can only take care of yourself. He is not giving you a caring sharing relationship because he is not able to.

It is going to take a lot of time to turn this situation around; it would be a waiting game for you as you let him go further down until he hits his rock bottom. Use the links for spouses in my signature below to find out more abour how to cope if you decide to stay.

Many spouses and SO's would probably tell you to get out of this situation and find someone who can give you a real relationship. It is probably your best bet for a happy life for you in the longer term. You know what is right for you.













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