My wife is Addicted to Lords Mobile :(

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My wife is Addicted to Lords Mobile :(

Hi there,

I met my wife playing WoW 9 years. My wife stop playing video games with me, because she said that I won't let her talk to the opposite sex. She started playing a mobile talking to tons of men and women, She gets mad if I say a word about it, so a week ago her Lords Mobile got hacked and she thought I hacked it.

But my website was hacked as well, so I started helping to get her account back and found out that she been talking to other men in the game. Not sexual but who knows, she installed the Line chat messenger and she had a guy friend from the game who profile was hidden. So I put my foot down and told her that I'm not going to keep paying the cell phone bill if she going to play that game again. She tries to make jealous with a younger guy next door. She told me tonight that she wasn't never going to cheat on me, but she liked to play that game in her spare time. But she was playing it for 5-6 hours a day and she also has been reaching out to hold guy friends. She told me it wasn't my business what she does on her phone. What should I do? 




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Hi Jason

Hi Jason

If she is addicted it is not going to be possible to control her addiction, but as you indicate, you do not have to enable her to do something that you do not approve of; you can stop paying the bill as you said. Of course she will probably get her own account but in the mean time, she may realise how hooked she is. There are also other things you can do ...

If she is addicted then it is going to be very hard to communicate your concerns and get her to take notice, because for her the game will be her number 1 priority. Gaming addiction can be a very powerful and baffling force. and can destroy relationships. It will be hard to see your point of view if she is addicted. people can get lost in their addiction and not empathise with loved ones

Some people might see having relationships online as being a form of infidelity ... because they are giving time and  putting anothers needs and wants above that of their own spouse. If she spends more time online than with you that may tell you something. Perhaps you need to consider how you feel about it first ( maybe through counselling) and then try to have a meaningful conversation or take it to couples counselling.

Look at the link for spouse and So's in my signature. It may be able to give you the tools and understanding from the experience of others that you need to take things forward in a positive way. It will take time to read, but it might be worth it. At the end of the day we can only control what we do or think about something. We cannot control someone elses addiction or choices. Sometimes it is healthier that we step away from that. Read the links to find out more



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