New, My husband is addicted

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New, My husband is addicted

Hi everyone, I'm new, just found this website and I'm so glad that I'm not alone in this!

My husband and I have been together for 14 years, 6 of those married. We have a daughter of 1,5.

He's not a nightmare of a husband. He does help around the house sometimes and also does the shopping and groceries but he has been unemployed for more than 2 years now and his excuse is that there isn't anything for him out there. He spends all of his free time on his computer, playing some sort of game mostly one specific one, and I have made so many attempts in the past to get him to stop but he just doesn't seem to want to. He never spends time with his daughter, we used to spend some time together watching shows and such but now he lets me watch all of them by myself. Each night when our daughter goes to bed he will play ALL night long and I'm left to find something to do for myself. He's loud and gets mad and angry a lot when playing and if I ask him to stop swearing and calm down especially in front of our child he gets mad and tells me I'm overreacting when I'm just trying to shield our daughter from such negativity and aggression. How can I get him to stop? Or just reduce his gaming time? I feel neglected and I wouldn't care so much about me but he should be spending his time with his daughter. She's starting to talk now and she goes to him at his desk and she babbles to him and he just doesn't notice her cause he's too caught up in the game, I have to shout and wave at him to get his attention and then he gets mad that I interrupted him cause he missed a shot.....

He got banned from the game and stopped for a couple of months and it was great! He still played other games but not as much and definitely not as aggressive. But he recently got back into the game and it has all gone to cr@p now...

What can I do to make him stop?

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Welcome Rose you cannot 'make

Welcome Rose you cannot 'make him' stop.

You can say 'it's me or the game' but what if he choses the game ?

Keep coming back to read more about this addiction on the forums for spouses. Learn about detaching with love, and stopping enabling. Learn to look after yourself. Learn how he may be thinking linke an addict. Learn about recovery for yourself. Learn about what you want from life. It's your journey  !

Keep coming back !


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