One extreme to another-- my husband's gaming withdrawals have my head spinning

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One extreme to another-- my husband's gaming withdrawals have my head spinning

My husband and I are days away from moving across country. Up until a week ago I had a ridiculously hard time getting him off of the computer games to help me pack, and when he did get off to help, he was either sullen or he would talk non stop about games he was playing. I was so proud when he finally admitted that he had a problem and has been weaning himself off the games.

But now I have the complete opposite problem I had before. Now he has become obsessed with the packing process, to the point where if I need to take a break he has an anxiety attack and he keeps pushing himself beyond his limit. I know that part of this is so that he can distract himself from the uncomfortable feelings he's experiencing now that he isn't filling his time with games, but now I'm getting more and more stressed out. Any time I try and calmly explain that to him, I get frustrated more easily than I would like with his less than positive responses, and it starts to turn into a fight.

Has anyone else had to go through something similar? What was the best way for you to handle it? So far I've managed to run through all of my usual coping skills, and I'm more than willing to try something different!  

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Welcome Calla

Welcome Calla

I don't have any experience I can share with you that you asked about, but i like the phrase someone used once which is ' stop arguing and start detaching' . I don't think you can do both.

I am glad that your husband is admitting he has a problem. That is great. Like you say; it doesn't sound like it gets much easier for you because of that  but it's a step in the right direction. Stength to you !


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