Scared of Legion

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Scared of Legion


Hey, I have been silent for a few month after I posted on here before. My boyfriend was stuck playing WOW for years and I was ready to break up. Well... things changed. He knows he had/has a problem gaming and even though he is not going to give it up he worked on his life the last few months. He reduced his game time, finally got a job again after 3 years which he is very excited about and makes sure to spend a lot of time with me. He finally has goals and plans for his life again! With me! However he has been sweet and is the loving and caring guy I fell in love with. There have been a lot of days recently where he is barely on the game. He seems to have everything under control now and I really hope that the past 3-4 years were just a sort of mid-life crisis, in which WOW was a symptom rather than the actual problem.

Still I don't trust him or the situation. The new WOW expansion is coming out in a month and he has been waiting and preparing himself for Legion for a year now. He still is the guild leader and I'm aware this is just the calm before the storm. My stomach is twisting whenever I see or hear anything about Legion. I know that he is still very much dedicated to the game, is going to take a few days off work to play non-stop the first days of release and is planning on going hard core gaming and raiding the first month. After this month he will stick to 3 days a week of raiding at night (we had a very big fight about it, he wanted to have 4 nights of raiding which I was upset about, so he told me he would only do 3). ...I'm not stupid, I know how the game works and it's never just 4 hours of raiding 3 nights. He "has to" do so much more every day, especially as a guild leader. Quests, levelling up, organising the guild, you name it. So he will basically spend every night on the game I assume.

I'm so scared. All the month we have been trying to build up our relationship... He is so excited about the new expansion and openly told me that he is going to spend so much time on it. I feel manipulated that all the last weeks and month have only been good to keep me from nagging so he could game even more. I know that I have to let him do whatever he wants to and I can't and don't want to force him to get off the game but I see a lot of loneliness and neglect coming. 

Maybe he is able to control it. I mean, it's just normal to spend time away from the partner and have a hobby (I need time for myself, too). But I've seen him at his worst and I experienced how it feels like to be the side chick to a game. Things are so much better right now, I get sick when I think about Legion. Well all I can do is detach from that feeling, I guess.

Sorry for the long rant, just had to get it off. Is there anybody of you who feels the same way? 

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Me too!

I can't believe you can negotiate a 3 night down from 4 even if he won't stick to it. My husband played League of Legend for 8 months last year and he finally stopped because i guess he got bored and he bought a new business that took a lot of his time. well now he has started again for over 3 months now and i am sick to my stomach when i am home with him and when he gets home because i know he is just going to go on his laptop. 

now he has friends that he skype with and talk to . they laugh and just spend quality time with eachother. he hasnt had a real realtionship with me for years and this is the worst of his addications. he doesnt do drugs or drinks but he gets these "hobbies" that he emerses his every bit of attention in and i get very little attention if any. 

im nauseous all the time, i have anxiety coming home knowing he is on the game talking to his friends. he just started working again these past 2 weeks and i have had a little peace. but i want to leave him so bad . we have a 2 year old and i am a stay at home mom. 

i know what you are going through.


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