So confused what do i do?

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So confused what do i do?

My husband of 10 years and father of our 2 kids 7 and 5 always is gaming. He works over night but only work 3-4 hours 3-4 nights a week. Then he will come home get on the game if hes off he stays on game till he goes to bed. He will get up to eat. Somtimes to make kids food when im at work. He is to help witg onlone schooling for kids. But he still has a game of some sort in his hand is phone the switch ds. Somthing. Even when we go take kids to dr he bring somthing to game on. If we have company he still on The gme. I have had many talks with him about his gaming and how i wasnt happy the way stuff is. The last time only thing that changed is now he will take 2 hours ome day a week for movie night with the kids. He dont go to kids meeting when they have them or events forthe kids. I cant even get him to spend more then 2 hours with me alone a week. And that only if he wants sex. Now if i try to get sex it dont matter hes gaming. I knew he was a gamer when dating and married but he always made time for me. The last 8 orn9nyears it just keeps getting worse. Im thinking of leaving him. Idk what else to do any more. Telling him its working. I work full time take care of kids full time and house work out side work. I do it all. He gets mad when i ask for help.when im home he dont even help with online school for kids i do them both alone. I feel so alone like a single mom but im married hate it. Any advice????????


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Welcome to the forums

Welcome to the forums

It sounds like your husband's gaming has taken over so much of him that there is hardly anything left for his family and you.

My advice is to check out the information for spouses; see the link in my signature below. There are tools you can use to change the way you act around him that can improve your life over time

He is not taking care of you; only you can do that for you now.

You deserve tender loving care


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Hi there -989Momof2,

I can completely relate to your situation as I too have been in your shoes.  I finally decided "if I can't beat em join em" and started to play too.  That left the kids out sadly.  Our play time would wax and wane but overall my husband continued to play more than I did.  It's a fine line he's playing with you and I understand your frustration.  I wish I had more advice for you but my attempts did not succeed.  And now, I am struggling with my own issues.  I wish you the best in all you do or don't do though and I hope all works out in the end!


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