Spouse is spending a lot of money on game

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Spouse is spending a lot of money on game

Sorry for the long post, I found out last night that my husband has been spending PS400 a month upwards since January on a mobile app called army men strike. This isnt the first time he also did this afew years back but it was much less money and he did stop spending when I confronted him but wouldnt delete the game as I requested. We have two young children and myself and the kids have basically been struggling for money while hes been spending on this game. For instance during half term I had no money to take them out anywhere til I got paid on the Thursday as all my money goes on the Bill's, meanwhile he spent PS170 that week on the game. He is lying all the time about how much he has earned as hes self employed and has changed his bank account password so I cant see it. I also have no idea how much we now owe suppliers for his work. I do know our mortgage has been bouncing for the last few months and is still unpaid from last month. -the only bill he pays. I asked him last night if he was spending on it again and he said no they were just free speed ups. I have all the email receipts one is for PS91 in a day. He will check the game as soon as he wakes up is on it all the time at home and plays it while at work he also chats to players on discord and line. I am truly fed up with all the lies and with struggling to make ends meet while he throws money away. Hes away for the weekend and I plan to confront him when he gets back hopefully without starting an arguement. Trouble is if i tell him I've seen the email receipts he will change that email password so i will no longer know so I'm not sure how to confront him. I feel like i should say either delete the game or leave but I know he will just continue playing maybe cut the spending down for a while but it will all start again. Any advice welcome I really dont want to break the family up but I also dont think I can keep living like this!

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Hi fairytales

Hi fairytales

Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing.

We have some advice about what can be done when spending online is a problem

HERE: http://www.olganon.org/forum/discussion-spousessignificant-others-olg-anon-members-only/he-has-spent-37k-8-months-gaming

I would also suggest you take a look at the info for spouses:


It sounds like you are scared of his reactions. Get some support from others so you have back up when you confront him. You need to plan for a worse case scenario ...i.e. what would you do if there was no money in your bank account at all ?

You are not alon. I am so sorry that you have to deal with this. It sounds like a very stressful situation.


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