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staying strong

Hello everyone, first of all I want to say that I've been visiting this site for some time, and it has helped me deal with my spouses gaming addiction. We've discuss it at length, and he does admit to having a problem. We've tried several times to let him take the lead in his recovery but he always goes back to gaming. I eventually tool away his PC, and he's been very moody and has pulled away even more. We cant seem to get past stage two. Its been very difficult as his behavior has gone off the deep end. There are days where he wont get out of bed. Hes turned off my phone to spite me(which really doesn't bother me) taken my wedding ring captive, drinks excessively, threatens to damage the house. I keep telling him that the computer will not be returned. I know it takes time. I think it might be time to remove myself and my children from him, but I don't know if I can do it financially. I can't afford a mortgage and a monthly rent. Any other options out there for spouses that are ready to move on when the addict won't?

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Welcome always

Welcome always

Withdrawal symptoms are common and can be very hard for them to deal with; that would explain his moodiness and withdrawal. He is very much out of his comfort zone.

If you are getting to the stage when you want to move on, the next stage would be to get legal advice about what might happen financially. Sometimes you can get a free initial consultation. Then you will know where you stand.


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