Thank goodness I've found all of you (new here)

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Thank goodness I've found all of you (new here)

Man. I could cry with relief at finding this site.

My husband and I are in a long distance marriage, together 4+ years and currently working on immigration so we can live under one roof.

All my husband does is sleep and play video games. I kept a log this past week to make sure I'm not exaggerating. He ignored all of us on Christmas day, surfaced only for dinner, then went back into his room. 16 hours of gaming on Christmas from 4pm until 8am the next day. The day after, he slept (from 9am until 6pm), then woke up and went right back to his game until midnight.

He games 10-12 hours a day. Sometimes more. Yesterday, he stayed up until nearly noon playing GTA. He went to sleep at 12:30, woke up at 8:00pm, and went right back to it, playing until 3am, even though he promised me he'd log out by midnight.

I am now sitting up at 4am with a huge knot in my stomach. I tried to talk to him about it but the only response I got was "you're just causing drama!" and now he's snoring.

I have a great career (it's been my relief through this insanity) but my mother in law is the crown princess of codependent enablers - she cooks all of my husband's meals, serves him at his computer, cleans everything and does all of his laundry.

He's gamed for 49 hours in the past four days and I am mentally exhausted trying to keep from blowing a gasket about it...

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Welcome ChicagoGirl

Welcome ChicagoGirl

Thanks for sharing your story with us.

That must be so frustrating to live or have close contact with an enabler. Is there no way you can discuss this with her and bring her on to your point of view? Show her this website? Show her your log of his activity?

I hope you find our members stories helpful to you to find a way forward for you.

You need to somehow express or process your feelings; even if it is just letting the volcano explode. Your feelings are there for very good reason. Just to sit on them will be harmful to you. I am not surprised you feel this way; you are perfectly right to.



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