What do I do? Husband is obssessed with Xbox!

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What do I do? Husband is obssessed with Xbox!

my husband and I have been married for only 2 years. We moved in together last Februrary. 

My husband has a serious problem, and it upsets me. The days he doesn't go to work, he gets up & jumps on the Xbox until usually 2-3am. The days he does work, he comes home and still gets on the game all day until 2 am. Everytime I ask him to spend time with me, to get off the game, he's like "why?? What do you want to do?"

he never just offers to spend time with me. I have to ask him every time. He yells a lot at the game when him and his friends play online game battles on Call of Duty. I've told him to stop yelling, as we Live in an apartment building and we have neighbors. He then snaps back at me because I told him to stop yelling. 

I just do not know what to do anymore... I have to ask him to get off the game, to help me clean up the house, or if he will go to bed with me, and he ALWAYS has an attitude when I ask. :(

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Welcome Hshell

Welcome Hshell

Many spouse members will relate to your experiences. Thanks for sharing.

Neglect of the relationship and not doing their duty is a common theme to the stories on the spouses forum. We learn we cannot control them but we can look after ourselves and make a better life.

I recommend you keep coming back to read about our members experiences and what they are doing to look after themselves.

The sticky posts in the blue area at the top of the spouses open forum are a good place to start if you havn't seen them yet. They will give you ideas how to look after you so you will start to feel better.


At the moment you are feeling a lot of emotions which can be confusing and make you feel out of control. If you give some thought to what is important for you if you are to stay in the relationship, you may be able to see what needs to happen in a more logical, less confusing way. You can make a plan to change your life

Let us know how you get on.


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