What do I do if my fiancé won't stop playing games

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What do I do if my fiancé won't stop playing games

I have been with my fiance 6 years & We have a 4 year old son. When first meeting my O/H he was into games he had a big chair in his room & would play COD & Wow any spare time he had, back then I didn't see it as such a bad thing. When I got pregnant we were over the moon & I thought he was going to be a hands on dad no doubt about it. But the gaming just got worse, during my pregnancy we were struggling with money renting this awful house but did it up the best we could to fetch home our little boy. My partner went through depression during my pregnancy so I found it really hard to try & cope alone. When fetching our bundle of joy home I couldn't have been happier. But after a few weeks the gaming began again, in the living room on our main tv whilst I was feeding he would have headphones on shouting at tv, I would fetch his tea to him (silly me) we had loads of arguments about it we split up lots of times & he went back to his mums but I always took him back because he promised to give up games, he was the father to my child and i loved him! A lot happened in the 4 years, the gaming died down he put his all into his work & got a pay rise. We rented a lovely house for 2year which we've just bought so things finally we're looking up. Until a new game comes out & his 'pals' ring him up 'u coming online' that's when me & my son have to take a back seat sat on our own while he's on there 5-6 hours sometimes & he expects me to be ok with it. He literally comes home from work sometimes has a hour at the gym, teas waiting for him then straight upstairs. I feel so angry & sometimes find myself snapping at my son when he asks for me all of the time, it's exhausting. If I mention it to him I'm 'nagging' or he turns it around on me.  I love him so so much & when these stupid games aren't involved we're perfect together I just don't no how to handle this on my own anymore 

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Welcome Cooper

Welcome Cooper

Here is our welcome advice;


You are not alone.

You may find this post brief and to the point in your situation


Keep coming back here to help yourself. Learn how to stop enabling him:


and learn how to detach with love.


Look after you. Seek support outside your relationship.  Become strong. Look at your options. Decide what your boundaries are. You are not alone in this.


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