When to give up?

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When to give up?

Hi All, 

Im writing this with extreme worry, my hisband of 3 years has always been a gamer, and i've been okay with it as long as he prioritized his household, which he hasnt done unless I tell him something, then he does it for 2 days and then it's like it never happened and he goes back to his regular habits. Today he called in sick to work to stay at home and play games all day, which is a clear indication that gaming is more important than providing for this home. I'm extremely dissapointed and heartbroken in his behaviour and it is affecting my emotional state as well as my  performance at my job since im thinking about the future of my marriage all day. I dont know what to do anymore. I need advise and some uplifting! 

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Welcome Thatgirl !

Welcome Thatgirl !

His behaviour must have been very upsetting for you; to know that this addiction is so strong for him to not do his duty.

I recommend you keep coming back to read the forums to see how other people coped

This is the simplest suggestion of a way to approach him ;

From http://www.olganon.org/comment/204482#comment-204482

"Here is how my wife managed it (and I guess it worked cause I am here and clean:).

She sat me down and without getting emotional told me I had a huge problem. She told me it is not normal and is ruining my life and our relationship. She said she would not put up with it for long and asked me to get help. Then she began to live her own life. She made it clear she was going to go her own way unless I stopped gaming (she did not threaten to walk out because we have 3 children and they come first for her). Then she began to stop enabling me."

Although you cannot control his actions you do not have to put up with them. Get support; check out the support thread in the kit. Make a plan. you will then feel more in control of your own life. give yourself time to come to terms with his addiction.



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