Your first aid kit; tools for spouses and significant others of video game addicts

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Your first aid kit; tools for spouses and significant others of video game addicts

Is someone close to you an excessive online gamer? If your husband, wife, partner or significant other is a video game addict or uses the internet way too much you have come to the right place to find support and shared experience. WELCOME !!

If you are a parent of a gamer click here

We are so glad you found us ! You are not alone !

This thread will link you to the shared, lived experiences of loved ones of gaming addicts. It may help you understand your situation and see what options there are.


For many years, Olganon members  have had the courage to share their situations, seeking or offering support to others; giving  a sense that we are not alone in this situation. If you take some time to read our stories you may be able to find peace, instead of being a part of the madness that gaming addiciton brings to our families.  A big "Thank you!" to all those people who have given their time to develop a body of information and experience for others to share. If you benefit from this site, please consider donating so we can pay our website fees and stay open to others in the future. Or help our mission by directing others, for example though social media, to this site to get educated and feel supported. Thank you !

If you do not have so much time to search the forums, you can use the following selected threads linked below to learn what you can do and start you on your journey to peace and sanity.

When you have a better understanding of the possible options, we would encourage you to make a plan for how you are going to tackle your situation; give it some time and consideration before you act.

Here is an example of a plan (click here)    Think of possible consequences of your plan and plan for that too. Get support.

Please read on to find out the various links to information which may help you.


1) Our 'welcome advice' for spouses and significant others of video gaming addicts is here: general advice on dealing with gaming addiction



2) Your partner is a gaming addict;  how to GET SUPPORT for YOU. We can feel isolated and alone when our loved one is addicted.  This guide explains the various options for support.



ALL THREADS BELOW ARE FOR MEMBERS ONLY. IT's FREE TO SIGN UP then you will also be able to access the member only forums and post on the forums. We do this because we sometimes need a safe space away  from people who do not understand our problem and might give inappropriate comments or advice.

3) What you can say or do:  What interventions may or may not work , and communication; how to express your concerns about their addiction to video games, to the gaming addict.


4) Stop your part in keeping the gaming addict in addiction (stop enabling them) because we can be a part of the cycle of addiction


5) Start to “Detach with love” from what the gamer choses to do, in order to find peace and sanity. In this thread, find out what that means and how you can do it.


6) Understand and enforce boundaries in your relationship. Protect your space from unwelcome interactions and addicted gamer behaviours.


7) Find out how the gamer's videogame addiction can negatively impact on  children in the family


8) Learn more about their gaming addiction and the best way to support them in their recovery, once they accept their addiction


9) Online affairs; are they as bad as cheating in real life?


10) When their online spending is out of control


11) Deciding to stay or leave the gamer

These threads are just the start. Keep coming back !


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