Creating resource and help site for gamers and family - your stories needed

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Creating resource and help site for gamers and family - your stories needed

A couple of years ago I created as a resource and support site for people looking for more information about gaming addiction in New Zealand.  I'm in the process of remaking the site as I want to offer more to family and friends of gamers as well as gamers themselves to help understand the problem and to give some suggestions as to what they can do about it.

As part of this, I would like to include the experiences of people who have overcome their gaming addiction, or family and friends who have found ways to carry on with their own lives despite being in relationship with an addicted person.

I'm both a clinician and someone who has experienced gaming addiction myself, and so I can draw on these experiences but I would like to include as many different voices as possible to give different perspectives and present different ways that people found to overcome gaming addiction or to cope as family/loved ones.

If you would be willing to share your experience with me and for me to use it on the website, please get in touch.  I'm very happy to quote you anonymously if you prefer.  Also, if you already have written about your experiences elsewhere on the forums but would be happy for me to include parts of it on the website, then let me know that too.

I'm also keen to hear people's thoughts about the content on the website so far, and any ideas for what you would find useful on a resources/help site as a gamer or family member.