Seeking Participant(s) for a Feature-Length Documentary Film on Video Game Addiction

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Seeking Participant(s) for a Feature-Length Documentary Film on Video Game Addiction

Hello my name is Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz.  I am a producer from Reel Nation Media.  You can reach me at or at +1-717-745-8252.

I'm planning a documentary about breaking free from video game addiction.  We are seeking someone in the USA who is willing to share their human story on their current struggles in dealing with video game addiction.  The bonds and experience you will develop throughout the making of the movie is something we hope you will keep for the rest of your life.  Below I am posting more information about the movie.

Right now I believe that there is a fine balance between a passion and an addiction and that mastering self-discipline and willpower will lead an individual to a better life.  I will try to show this in my film by exploring the journey that a video game addict has to go through to rehabilitate.  I am looking for a willing participant who lives in the USA, who is currently trying to conquer their addiction and has a strong will to do so.  I think the film will show the conflict between passion for doing something you love and how addiction affects the livelihood of a person- especially media addiction today… With that being said I think my film would intimately follow each stage of addiction recovery.  The theme I really want to explore is balance and finding solace in the real world.  I am open to any result the experience may bring.

Ultimately with this movie, I want audiences to look at themselves and feel optimistic about their future struggles.  I want people to understand that there is a way out of addiction because breaking free can be a beautiful and uplifting experience.

What do you think of my approach?  Let me know your thoughts!

Here are some benefits of participating in a documentary film:

- It is like therapy! Often the camera serves as a mirror for those involved in the process.

- Presence of a camera usually makes participants more willful and driven.

- It captures legacies.

- Bring awareness to a topic that a participant cares about

- Participants feel a sense of accomplishment when the movie is released and it is changing the world.

- Can provide evidence and conviction for a participant’s beliefs.  The camera captures the absoloute truth.  In documentary whatever happens in front of the camera is real.  Documentary grows and changes participants for the better because what the camera captures is the truth.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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