Research Paper Help !!!

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Research Paper Help !!!

I was wondering if i could have an online chat with a staff/member about gaming addiction in all cases. Statistics, Gaming related deaths, cases where parents neglected their children etc... This would also be credited as a primary source if a printed the chat from a word document. thank you.

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I'm not sure any of us have

I'm not sure any of us have those statistics right at the tips of our fingers. I for one, would have to do some internet research to give you those, but if this is a research paper, it might be better if you did the research. There are some articles linked on this website, mostly in the various "Gaming in the News" forums.

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you could also do one-on-one

you could also do one-on-one interviews with gamers, families of gamers and professionals to get a perspective on gaming from all angles. Statistics are important, but are not the only thing which should be in a research paper. (or at least thats what 5 years of writing scientific reports tells me)


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I'm in the same spot as

I'm in the same spot as Gamersmom, I know of a few examples, but don't know the statistics. Our primary focus here is on recovery from gaming addiction, not to keep tabs on the world. However if you're looking for a more personal approach, I would be happy to offer my experiences.

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