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60 Minutes Australia

Hi there,

I work for the Aussie version of 60 Minutes and like everyone else I am planning on doing a story on gaming addiction. My interest has been sparked by the sad case of the mum in the UK who was so addicted she neglected her kids, and the guy in Hawaii who is currently suing the makers of a game for his addiction.

I am in contact with people who have conquered their addiction - but this story is really only going to hit home if someone is brave enough to go on camera and show us what their day is really like. Just how many hours they spend gaming, and how this affects their relationships and career.

It's a big ask I realise but I think it's necessary.

We are coming out to the States soon to film part of this story - and can travel to wherever you are based.

The good part about taking part on our show is the following:

1) We don't rush things and make sure everyone is as comfortable as can be before we get going on filming.

2) We will fill you in on every part of the story.

3) It will be shown only in Australia and parts of the Pacific so your friends and colleagues in the States won't see it. I can also keep it off our website.

I hope to hear from someone soon - and will also contact the big gaming sites too.


Julia Timms - jtimms@nine.com.au