Children and games such as WOW

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Children and games such as WOW

Gidday everyone,

I'm yet another media hound looking for someone to talk to about children's overuse of computer games.

Actually, I'm just a freelance writer and journalism student and am writing a piece on treatment for children who overuse computer games such as WOW.

Must amit, I feel like a bit of an interloper hitting on this great site, and asking questions, but most of the research I have done so far has been either academics or medical people or other journalists (!) talking about this issue, and I want to talk to the "horses mouth" as we used to say back home, that's where you get the real story!

Any parents or older sisters or brothers aunties uncles etc free to talk to me about this issue and how it has impacted on their kids ?

I know something of addiction, having grown up in a household of addicts but haven't seen anything quite so tricky as the issue parents might be facing regulating their child's use of the internet.....I would love to ask one or two ofyou a few questions, and am happy to share what i have found out along the way of researching this.

What do people think about the idea that the gaming manufacturers should be paying for some of the treatment costs of young addicts ?

A happy sunny Sydney to you all. Be cool to hear from one or two of ya.


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Hi violet! I am not a

Hi violet!

I am not a parent, but I AM a teacher. One thing I do every school year is to give parents a little "brochure" about my class, expectations, goals, etc. I always put a blurb in as to what parents can do to assist their child in being successful in my picking out good reading books, discussing essay topics, etc. I ALWAYS put in something about limiting gaming (compter, wii, ps3 or xbox), social networking sites, and texting.

When my niece and nephews are at my house, I try to make it a text free zone and gaming on FB is limited, as is their computer time.

The question is....will you be able/courageous/adult enough to sacrifice that which merely pleases you...for that which will truly fulfill you? That is the question of personal growth.
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Dear Violet, If you like you

Dear Violet,

If you like you can PM me to set up a time to talk or to correspond.

Jane in CT

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Violet, I ditto Jane's

Violet, I ditto Jane's sentiment. Feel free to text me. Perhaps Jane and I can meet you in chat at the same time. Our experiences are similar, yet different.

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Thanks Guys, Shaun, thanks

Thanks Guys, Shaun, thanks for your moving story....i hope that the old adage that to beat the enemy you have to know him or her intimately works for you, after all that time playing you know the hooks and you probably know the beast well - this can only be helpful in beating him* into a more manageable shape in your life.

(* or her)