Comments or Interview for Newspaper

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Comments or Interview for Newspaper

I am currently looking for people willing to share their stories or even just share some comments on video game addiction for an article in The Charlatan, a newspaper situated in Ottawa, Canada. In particular, I would appreciate if any of the following questions could be answered:

1. What game were you addicted to?

2. What moment did you realize that you were addicted?

3. The Recovery Process: What does it entail, and how easy is it to relapse?

4. Is it harder to recover when surrounded by computers, whether by profession or at home?

If you want to remain anonymous, I will fabricate a name for that purpose. If possible, however, your age would be appreciated for statistic purposes. :) Also, if the forum is too public you can email me at

Here is the Charlatan Website for any who are interested:

Thank you in advance!