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The Greg Behrendt Show: National Talk Show

The Greg Behrendt Show: Los Angeles based Nationally Syndicated Talk Show:

We are doing a show on the topic of online-gaming addiction. If you feel that there is someone in your life whose addiction to online-gaming is affecting those around them, we would like to hear from you if you would consider appearing on television not only to help your loved one, but to bring national attention to this growing epidemic.

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Re: The Greg Behrendt Show: National Talk Show

hey there...
I'm a recovering online gamer and my name is John.
I can only speak for myself, not for anyone else.
If I could remain anonymous, have my voice changed electronically, sit in a shadow, or even have a brown paper bag over my head, I'd feel anonymous enough to share openly about this dreadful addiction, but even more about the growing number of exciting and life-changing websites and support organizations that offer Hope to the spouses and families of those affected by this scourge. I'm also a recovering alcoholic and drug user and I attend weekly 12 step meetings for those. In our program there are opportunities to give professional presentations to schools and professional organizations about the nature of our disease. I have done that but it is imperative that we as addicts remain in anonymity. Anonymity reminds us to place principles before personalities.
Saying that, I have seen here, the cries of men and women whose precious time on earth is being robbed blind by those horrible mind-numbing games which claim more and more each year. My own story is not as harsh as I've read here in these pages, but it is sorrowful at least. I had begun to think that I "had" to play. I lied about it, I manipulated my loved ones and myself that this time it would be different.
My own experience has shown me that by realizing that my life had become completely unmanageable and that i was indeed powerless over my online gaming addiction, I took the first step towards having the hope that I could re-engage life as I knew it before. There is hope. I never lost a job, never lost my children, never committed suicide nor did i ever loose the knowledge that the game world is not my reality, but I did lose something irreplaceable... time. At 51, I am a married, still young tho disabled, low income person with the desire to escape into the fantasy world of lies that the online game offers the thousands just like me all over the world. At 24 days clean I am trying desperately to spread the message that there is hope, and that another addicted gamer doesn't "have" to ever play again. ~ LongJohn, in Fl