Hep with article for BBC science magazine in the UK

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Hep with article for BBC science magazine in the UK

Hi everyone. My name is Mark Blackmore, and I'm a journalist working in England. I'm currently working on an article dealing with gaming addiction for BBC Focus, a science and technology monthly based in the UK. Here's a link to the magazine homepage: http://www.bbcfocusmagazine.com/

I was hoping someone could tell me what it's like to suffer from this addiction aEU" I'm looking for a 'day in the life' account, as well as some details on what sort of effects the condition had on you physically and emotionally. Complete anonymity is absolutely guaranteed. I can be reached at my personal email account, blackmoremark@hotmail.com, or by calling 079808 11668. My credentials can be confirmed by my commissioning editor at BBC Focus, Ian Taylor. He can be reached at iantaylor@bbcmagazinesbristol.com, or by calling the UK at (44) 01179 279009.

My thanks in advance for your time aEU" the article will be sympathetic to the plight of gaming addicts, and will hopefully shed some light on a problem that few people are aware of.