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Internet Gaming Documentary

Hello, my name is Melinda. I am making a short documentary (10 min) about internet gaming safety with 3 other college students at Reel Works Teen Filmmaking in Brooklyn, NY ( Reel Works was contracted by the New York City Department of Education to make this educational film. We are looking for someone who was/is addicted to internet gaming, lives in the NYC area, and is willing to be interviewed on camera about it - meaning, they must break beyond the anonymity that this site offers. Our intention in making this film is to say that gaming is great, it isn't going away, but it does have problems, and those problems have solutions. Hope to get a response! Feel free to send me a personal message.

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I have a film crew in SoCal

I have a film crew in SoCal who can film me with the questions you want to ask and we can send you the footage. Will this work?

My bio is here:

Andrew Doan MD PhD

My Videos: Internet gaming disorder is real & my story 

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While that "sounds" great,

While that "sounds" great, Andrew, notice its a school project, at a film school. I went to film school, and would probably not mind my work be performed by professionals, but then I would not have learned anything.

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