Interview for PBS Doc?

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Interview for PBS Doc?

Hello Gamers Anonymous,

I'm JP and I'm a journalism student at Columbia University in NYC.

I'm currently working on a piece about individuals who are addicted to online gaming and would like to share their story. Whether you have recovered or just beginning to acknowledge your addiction, your story would give insight to the secret world of online game addiction. When completed, the news piece will be pitched to PBS for their documentary series, aEUoeDigital Nation.aEU The series focuses on the digital age of today, and the positives and negatives that come with it. This particular story, will concentrate more on the dark side of online gaming, which usually connotes a fun time. I want to highlight how serious this addiction is, despite what others may think.

If anyone in the NYC area would be interested in sharing their personal stories and how online gaming has affected their lives, please contact me at

Thanks so much.